Due to this crafter's increase in his day-job he is no longer doing leather working.
Only a few of these original collars made by K5 are available at this time.
A small number of his products can be made by Longwatcher the crafter for Submissive Reaction
Longwatcher has been given K5's leather and accessory parts

1" Bridle Collar 

Item # K5-C0010    -   $25.00


3/4" Collar w/ concho 

Item # K5-C0020   -   Starting at $35

Available with other conchos.

See list here.

1" Bridle Collar w/ spots, 

Item # K5-C0030   -   $35.00


Without Flashed Edge

With Flashed Edge

Sterling Silver over leather

Locking turn post. 

Item # K5-C0040   -   $45-50


Limited Availability while select leathers last. After gone, a suede will be the designated back leather

1/2" Band

1" band

Stainless Banded over leather

Locking turn post. 

Item # K5-C0050   -   $45-50

Limited Availability while select leathers and parts last.

1" Collar - Ring Holder, Spots

Also available in black with silver hardware.

Item # K5-C0060   -   $35-$50

Not Available as pictured, but otherwise the style is available.

Collar w/ Harness ring and 2 D's

Available in several colors and materials.

Item # K5-C0070     -     $35-$50


1" 'O' Style Bridle Collar 

Item # K5-C0080     -     $30-$35


1" Halter Square Collar

Item # K5-C0090     -     $20-$30


1" Bridle Collar w/ Spikes

Item # K5-C0130     -     $45.00


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