Purple Suede with a heavy ring holder/loop and ring attachment point and a locking buckle.

Price for this item: $35

Simple Collar 

This is one of the first collar designs that Kevin5 tried out when he began experimenting with leatherwork. What he made was a comfortable collar that can be worn snugly around the neck and still be comfortable. 

Comes standard with a roller buckle and Harness Ring (shown).

Currenly made by Longwatcher.

Options Include:

A) Buckles (default is a locking roller buckle)

B) Suede or Leather (default is suede)

C) Custom Colors (Purple is the default - based on popularity)

D) Depending on the attachment point and buckle, any width from 1/2" to 1 1/4" is available at the list price, for wider collars, the price will increase.
(Default is 1 1/4" in width)

E) Different Attachments (Nickel loop and ring Ring is the default)


$35 K5-C0010 - Suede Collar

$30 K5-C0011 - Leather Collar 


w/ Brass Attachment loop

K5-C0010 FrontK5-C0010_FrontK5-C0010_right
Chay with 3/4" version and front mount small D-ring attachment point.


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