Because a large amount of our work is custom orders made by a variety of craftsmen, with the exception of some items with "Buy Now" buttons, we have chosen at this time to only take orders via e-mail or snail mail. Longwatcher will discuss custom orders over the phone, however, except for buy now button purchases, we need an email or snail mail to confirm the order and of course the payment. If not in the USA, please contact before using a "Buy Now" button as the shipping is set for USA only. 

We also have a facebook page if you have trouble emailing us.

We are also on Etsy at:
Although not everything is available on Etsy since a listing costs money.

Please do not send money until the order has been confirmed and we request the money.

Although we try to stay current, all prices listed are subject to change until your order is confirmed.

Please send an e-mail to the address below with the following information:
- Item Number w/ Description of item including pattern (recommend cut and paste from the Product Page)
- Quantity
- Payment Method (Check, USPS Money Order, or Credit Card through Paypal)
- Any Variations you would like
- What Country we will be shipping to (especially important if not the USA)

Additional Information For Collars and Cuffs.
1. - Size or length needed
    # For cuffs give wrist size rounded up to the next 1/4 inch measurement (note metric should be in 5mm increments)
        - Please give both wrists (and/or ankles, thighs)
if more then 1/4" difference
        - For thigh cuffs we suggest taking multiple measurements on each leg

    # For collars give neck size rounded up to the next 1/4 inch measurement (note metric should be in 5mm increments)
        - We recommend taking this measurement twice at least 3-days apart. We recommend using a tape measure and with two fingers against the skin (under the tape) measure the neck for size.

2. - Colors
   # For two color collars and cuffs specify top and bottom colors, or first over second, or front over back.

3. - Other Information
    # Specify attachment point types if any (d-ring, halter-loop (small, medium, or large), loop, d-loop)
    # Specify buckle type if appropriate (hasp, locking buckle, locking twist, belt buckle, strap buckle)
    # Specify concho type(s) if appropriate (note that not all conchos are available any longer)

 Additional Information Gags, and Shoe Locks.

    # For Shoe Locks, Please provide shoe size and gender (and country if not USA); We no longer have a default size for shoe locks.
For best fitting
, a measurement done like the shoe lock will fit works best:
If you don't have measuring tape, take a string and after measuring lay it on a ruler to determine size. 
Basically take the string (or tape) under the shoe and cross over the foot and then to the back of the ankle, making sure it is snug.
And if you want to add a measurement for the cross piece then using that same loop, measure from the back of the foot/shoe to the middle of the front of the foot/shoe.
Providing those two measurements will make the shoe lock as close as possible to the size needed.

  # For ball gags, the straps are made to order, the default size fits most people, but will have 5 or 7 holes depending on buckle.

Measurements for Straps for ball gags: 

The straps are made to order, the default size fits most people, but will have 7 or 9 holes depending on buckle. Custom straps will usually have 3 to 5 holes.
To measure we recommend using a piece of thick string or yarn and measuring all the way around the head where the strap will go (including the ball) with the mouth open and then laying the string down onto a ruler to determine the needed strap length.

Measurements for balls for ball gags:

(with the caveat this is only a recommendation):

Ball diameter should not exceed open mouth Height measurement by more then 1/8th of an inch. Best is the diameter is at or below open mouth height. (measure bottom of top teeth to top of bottom teeth wide open)
Recommend rounding up no more than 1/8th inch to get correct ball size.

If measurement less than 1.5" then recommend adding 1/8th inch.
If Measurement over 2.25" then recommend subtracting 1/8th inch from measurement to determine size.

Reduce size if the gagee might have any jaw problems

Shipping and Packaging will normally be $6.50 for all orders within the USA. Average shipping by USPS first class parcel to Canada as of Jun 2017 is about US $15, to Europe is about US $23. We reserve the right to charge less at our discretion and more if circumstances warrant it. We will ship to points in the US, US Military overseas addresses at our standard rates. Other locations are on a cost basis. Note small, extra-small and tiny balls and ball gags as well as shoe locks may be light enough for lower international rates, but it is country dependent.

(observations for international orders indicate that properly describing the contents on customs results in faster delivery then a discreet content description - for example putting "ball with leather strap" (our default for ball gags) works much faster then "Gag Gifts" - The observed difference being less then 7 days versus 30+ days to same country). As long as we are not lying on the custom's form, we will follow the customer's request for custom's labeling.

Shipping TIME: it typically takes 1-3 days to make simple items (such as Ball Gags), 1-2 weeks for more complex items (such as drape chain collars or Easy Wear Cuffs) and then 2-3 days for shipping to USA locations, 5 to 63 days for International shipping (average is 7-10 days). We will not panic until 60 days have past for international orders. As for tracking all packages have been tracking within the USA, but is country dependent once they leave. If you want tracking please let us know before hand so we can charge appropriately for shipping, this will likely significantly increase cost of shipping.


We can take PayPal, Credit Card via PayPal (no need to join), USPS Money Order, and checks.
   - For PayPal or checks, we will make the order upon receipt of payment, but it won't ship until it clears.
     -- For most PayPal payments it usually clears immediately.
   - For CC via PayPal and USPS Money orders , we will make and ship as soon as possible.
     -- Money Orders will be cashed the day we ship.

If using PayPal we will usually send an invoice or request for money to you or you can pay direct to sales@pleasureparadox.com after we have confirmed we can do your order. Currently for all multi-Item orders we prefer to send an invoice for payment if by PayPal or Credit Card. If receiving an invoice please confirm it is correct before paying.

And please never send us credit card information, while we will do our best to keep it secure, we can't use it other then exactly the same way you would, so you might as well enter it and keep it from us.

For USPS Money Orders we will request you make them out to either the crafter that is making your item or "Tim Dolan" if made by multiple crafters.

For checks they should be made out to "TPP Enterprises, LLC"


Link to Special/Custom Item PayPal "Buy Now" buttons (Please only use after confirmation of availability and order payment total is given via email.

The regular "Buy Now" buttons on this site do not require a separate email, PayPal will let us know the details.

E-mail your request to: Sales@pleasureparadox.com. We typically respond within 2 business days with an order total including S&H or a request to clarify some design point before confirmation. If you have not seen a response within 3 days, please contact us on facebook, we find emails sometimes get lost in the ether of the internet.



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