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We can be contacted via

Or via Fetlife or Model Mayhem c/o Longwatcher

On facebook

Or We have an Etsy Shop which has some items and we can also take custom orders there:


Or via Phone

At this time TPP Enterprises does not have a separate phone line for taking orders, however, if you wish to contact Longwatcher he can be reached at 757-247-0016 from 1PM to 10PM M-F, Random on Sat and Sun 10AM to 10PM.
He will respond with "Tim Speaking". He will be happy to take custom orders for collars and cuffs.

(please note that Tina may anser instead of Tim these days, if so ask for Tim or Longwatcher)

Or Via Snail Mail at the Below Location


TPP Enterprises, LLC, which is the executive name of Pleasure Paradox, is located in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia, USA.

Our business address is:

TPP Enterprises, LLC.
324  57th Street
Newport News, VA. 23607-2050

However, please do not visit us in person without calling first as this is only our business address. We do not have a showroom, nor regular business hours. Further, we are licensed to conduct business only over the internet or at conventions/craft shows. The address above happens to also be Longwatcher's Home . Only a small number of sample items are stored with him, the rest remain with our individual crafters, except during shows.

NOTE: Wholesale customers should email for information, however SR Productions will become the wholesale company to separate it out from the retail side sometime later in 2016.


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