Leather Colors

The following colors are typically available to use.
Contact us to confirm availability (black is always available)

Colors may look different on your screen for a simple color calibration
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Regular Leathers


Metallic Coated

Black Black Black Black Gold Gold
Dark Green Dark/Hunter Green (note a limited amount of medium Green is available) Dark Green Dark/hunter Green Metallic green
Navy Blue Navy Blue Metallic Royal blue Blue Metallic Royal blue Blue
Red Red Red Red Metallic red Red
Blood Red (limited)  Turquois Turquoise Mango Mango
Purple Purple Purple Purple Purple Purple
White White Note: White suede is extremely hard to find. Hot Pink Hot Pink
 Pink Leather Pink    Silver Silver
Brown   Platinum Platinum
Grey   Lilac Lilac
Rust Rust   Metallic Turquoise Turquoise
Tan   Pewter Pewter


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