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Locking Buckles Locking Buckles w/lockBuckle Array   Locking Buckle with lock
Above is all buckles as of 01 Sep 2011, 3/4" and larger. (Click to see large image)
Does not include Twist Lock, Lock Post, Hasp Lock, and Connector.
Locking Buckles These buckles are available in:

Black = 1/2",  3/4",  1"

Nickel = 1/2", 3/4", 1", 1.25" and 1.5"
Two tongued = 2"
(we don't keep 1.5" in stock and only keep limited numbers of 2")

Brass = 1"
heel-bar lockign buckles Heelbar Buckle with Keeper Heel-Bar Locking Buckle These buckles are available in nickel  1", 1.25, 1.5", and 2".
(1", 1.5", or 2" are limited quantities in stock)
Twist Lock Twist Lock with Lock Twist Lock Open Twist Lock These are a very popular locking buckle.

Any Collar or Cuffs made with these buckles will fit only one size,
so measurement is important.

They are also available without the lock hole.

Minimum Collar size is 3/4" wide unlined, 1" wide lined
Hasp Lock Hasp Lock with Lock Hasp Lock openhasp lock with lock Hasp Lock These are a very sturdy buckle type,
however they require a lock to them buckled.

They are available in Nickel and Brass.

Minimum Collar size is 3/4" wide unlined, 1" wide lined.
1 1/4" is recommended minimum.
Lock Post Lock Post with Lock Lock Post The primary advantage to this locking buckle is the ability to get down to 1/2" width, although 3/4" is required in order to be able to provide a lined product.
Square Loop Connector Square Loop Connector with Lock Square Loop Connector This is literally the only way we have found to make a lockable collar with an even smaller width. We do not consider this a buckle as it is usually best attached in the front.

The catch is they require a lock of some type to keep them attached.
We recommend the Large Heart Lock for non-scene wear.
The loops are available in various sizes from 3/8" leather width on up to 1.25" width.
We are limited to 1/4" leather width for any chance to get a rivet in place.
Available in Nickel with select sizes available in brass and gold.
Standard Buckles Closed Standard Buckles Standard Buckles For those who don't want or need a locking buckle, we have several sizes of
non-locking buckles from 3/8ths to 1.25" in stock.

The Buckles shown at left are the most common ones we use.
The 3/4ths buckle shown is basically identical to the 1" and 1.25" versions
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