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Wholesale BUCKLES for Sale by Themselves

Code Description Full Price
TPP-SR-BK050-KL 1/2" Black Locking 2.1
TPP-SR-BK050-KN 1/2" Black Non-locking 1.25
TPP-SR-BK050-NL 1/2" Nickel Locking 2
TPP-SR-BK050NN 1/2" Nickel Non-locking 1
TPP-SR-BK050-NNF 1/2" Nickel Non-locking (faux roller) 0.75
TPP-SR-BK050-BN 1/2" Brass Non-Locking 0.75
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Locking BucklesLocking Buckles w/lockLocking Buckle with lock
Locking Buckles 
Code Description Full Price
TPP-SR-BK075-KL 3/4" Black Locking 2.5
TPP-SR-BK075-KN 3/4" Black Non-locking 2
TPP-SR-BK075-NL 3/4" Nickel Locking 2
TPP-SR-BK075-NN 3/4" Nickel Non-locking 1.25
TPP-SR-BK075BN 3/4" Brass Non-Locking 2
TPP-SR-BK075-BNF 3/4" Brass Non-Locking (Faux Roller) 1

 Standard Buckles Closed Standard Buckles
Standard Buckles (note: the smaller than 3/4" examples above are not currently available for wholesale - working on better images)
Code Description Full Price
TPP-SR-BK100-KL 1.0" Black Locking 2.5
TPP-SR-BK100-KN 1.0" Black Non-locking 2
TPP-SR-BK100-NL 1.0" Nickel Locking 2.5
TPP-SR-BK100NN 1.0" Nickel Non-locking 1.5
TPP-SR-BK100-NNF 1.0" Nickel Non-locking (faux Roller) 1
TPP-SR-BK100-BL 1.0" Brass Locking 2.25
TPP-SR-BK100-BN 1.0" Brass Non-Locking 2.25
TPP-SR-BK100-BNF 1.0" Brass Non-Locking (Faux Roller) 1

Code Description Full Price
TPP-SR-BK125-KL 1.25" Black Locking (Faux Roller) 3
TPP-SR-BK125-KN 1.25" Black Non-locking 2.25
TPP-SR-BK125-NLF 1.25" Nickel Locking (Faux Roller) 2.5
TPP-SR-BK125-NNF 1.25" Nickel Non-locking (Faux Roller) 2

Code Description Full Price
TPP-SR-BK001-NLPS Lock Post with screw and Brass washer 1.5
Pictures of indivdual parts coming soon Lock Post Lock Post with Lock
Lock Post
The primary advantage to this locking buckle is the ability to get down to 1/2" width, although 3/4" is required in order to be able to provide a lined product.
Code Description Full Price
TPP-SR-BK002-NTLS Twist lock with eyelet and washer, drilled hole  5
Pictures of individual parts coming soon   Twist Lock Twist Lock with Lock Twist Lock Open
Twist Lock
Any Collar or Cuffs made with these buckles will fit only one size, so measurement is important.

They are also available without the lock hole. The hole must be drilled into it

Minimum Strap/Collar size is 3/4" wide unlined, 1" wide lined (they are 1" (~25mm) long by 3/4" (~20mm) wide.
Wholesale order sheets and prices 2016, Note prices subject to change

Buckle Price Order Sheet.pdf  (PDF Version - Print and scan/email or mail)

Buckle Price Order Sheet.xlsx (MS Excel Version fill in and email either as sheet or copy paste into email.
Note: You can not fill in the sheet online, there is no mechanism for that at this time.

Fill in either sheet and send to using your preferred email and we will send you a filled invoice via PayPal, which can be paid via PayPal or Credit Card without registering.
We can also create a special order on our Etsy site if you prefer that.

Please verify invoice/order is correct before paying.

Prices are Mix and Match and prices are subject to change.

Prices do NOT include shipping (shipping will be via reasonable lowest cost unless specified otherwise.

Quantities above 50 of any one item may require a special order.
Email for formal invoice and availability.

Quantities above 12 may not be checked individually and a failure rate of 1 per 100 pieces is expected, repacements will be shipped with the next order if the part is available. The part will be held for up to one year.
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