Price for this item: $35


1" Halter Square Collar 

One of things we try to do at Pleasure Paradox is come up with stylish designs that are functional, but also understated. Once we started working with rubber, this design came naturally.

The halter square in front causes this V-shaped collar to rest comfortably at the base of the throat. Perfect for those individuals that have problems with traditional collar around their necks. 

Longwatcher is currently making these collars.

Options Include:

A) Silver Hardware instead of brass

B) Custom Colors (black, unless specified)


$35 K5-C0090 - Halter Square Collar - Brass Hardware

$35 K5-C0091 - Halter Square Collar - Nickel hardware 

$45 K5-C0092 - Halter Square Collar - Nickel hardware  - Rubber

$45 K5-C0093 - Halter Square Collar - Brass hardware  - Rubber


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