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Stainless Banded Collars 

This has the same story as our Sterling Collars. Once we had the design for the Sterling collars, Kevin5 found these stainless bands that would also fit. So, there we go.

Fashionable enough to wear with a black gown as a choker, but with a locking turn buckle in back to keep this accessory on the wearer.

Longwatcher is now making these collars.

Options Include

A) Custom colored lining. Black, unless specified.

B) Additional Attachment Points (or no attachment points)

C) Spikes

D) A Concho

E) Collars can be between 3/4" to 3" in width, any length (note the bands are limited to 1/2" or 1").


$55 K5-C0050 - 1/2" Stainless band over Leather

$60 K5-C0052 - 1" Stainless band over Leather

Add $2.00 for additional attachment points.
Add $20.00 for spikes.
Contact Longwatcher for concho prices (1 inch size only).

Note: The stainless band is 12" long, so won't reach all the way around. 

1" with Flashed Edge

1" w/ Large Spikes

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