Submissive Reaction is our line of Collars and cuffs created by Longwatcher

Cuffs shown in inset are black leather over Red suede with a Flame cut pattern and two leather straps with locking buckles.

Price for set shown is $150


Easy Wear Wrist Cuffs 

This pair of Submissive Reaction cuffs is designed to minimize stress on the wrists during heavier play sessions. They have been specifically designed for suspension play, however we can not warranty them for this because they are a natural product. 

Many of our customers have bought them with no intention to do suspension, they like them for the Saint Andrews Cross and for rougher bed play.

Alternatives include:

A.) A small D-ring can be substituted for the Panic snap (SR-KS0014)

B.) This cuff is available with a D-ring as SR-KS0011, however based on customer feedback and our own experiences, the quick release is recommended and so we list it first.

C.) A single strap can be used, but is not recommended.

D.) Small patterns can be placed between the wrist straps, They have been shown to have no noticeable effect on ability to support weight.

E. A Rated Shackle supporting 4100lbs is also available.

F. Most buckles are available for the straps of this cuff set. 


MEASUREMENTS: Please measure both Ankles just above the ankle bone as well as 2" higher up the leg if possible. Note in the size block with the lower L/R first and the the upper measurement L/R.  As long as we have one measurement we can proceed.
 9 1/2" / 9 1/4" and 10" / 9 3/4"

lower 9.5" / 9.25" and higher 10" / 9.75"

Lower 241mm/235mm and upper 254/248mm

Minimum example: size 9.5"

Note: the final product will be give or take 1/4" or about 5mm which is as close as I can get with leather. 

We can take either imperial (inches) or metric (mm) measurements. Inches should be at least down to 1/4".


Pricing:  (see below for Buy Now buttons)

All prices are for a pair of these cuffs

$140 SR-KS020 Set with backing and no pattern

$130 SR-KS021  Set with no lining

$140 SR-KS022 Set with small D-ring replacing snap

$260 SR-KS025 Set with rated shackles

$300 SR-KS026 Set with Heavy rated shackles

Contact us for costs of a pattern. Most patterns will add between $10 and $15 for the pair. A pattern in both the strap area and the foot extension counts as two patterns.

Any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness is for use as a wrist (or ankle) cuff in consensual activities between at least two individuals with the person wearing the cuffs monitored at all times by at least one person that is free to respond to distress or accidents at all times. The person's weight to be primarily supported by other than their wrists (or ankles). Weight limit on a brand new cuff set is estimated to be 350lbs total with both cuffs used (175lbs individually) with a dynamic load, however this is only an estimate and should not be used for critical functions as the product is leather. a Panic Snap or rated shackle will eventually fail if  used to spin a weighted object, do NOT spin anyone or thing using this product, always use both cuffs with a person.
Before each use:
- The leather (or other material) strap should be checked before each use to make sure it is free of tears or excessive wear.
- The rivets and chicago screws should be inspected to make sure they are secure. If needed tighten (or replace) the chicago screws or replace the rivets.
- Check the Panic snap or rated shackle for oxidation, excessive wear, discoloration indicating metal fatigue and ensure it is functioning for release if needed. If needed replace the snap or shackle with a new one. It is recommended that if the snap or shackle has worn out, the entire cuff should be replaced.
- If using a D-ring version check for wear on the D-ring.
The cuffs are not warrantied for suspension or non-consensual play (including tickling)

Safety Note: Although the cuffs have been tested for suspension activities, Pleasure Paradox and Longwatcher (the craftsmen for these) will not warranty them for suspension as leather is highly variable. Also, although we have never had a failure reported to us in the 12 years we have been making them (and we have tried in vain to break one); the panic snap is not rated for suspension and although we are personally betting the leather would give out first, it is something to be aware of if using for suspension.

NOTE that at any time within ten years and for as long as the parts and the crafter who made them are available, we will repair the cuffs at cost of parts plus shipping, as long as the leather remains in good condition to be repaired for use as a cuff. The condition of the leather is solely the determination of the crafter upon inspection prior to repair. If the leather is no longer suitable, we will recommend replacement and will apply any received payment towards replacement or returning the cuffs at the customer's discretion.

We now have a rated shackle available for these cuffs.

Regular: Fits current design
Functional Load = 2645; Break Load = 4410lbs*

Heavy: Suspension straps are wider and longer
(note: This may be too wide to grip for most people)
Functional Load = 3525; Break Load = 8490lbs*
 Other Images of this cuff set

SR-KS0030_Plain_Allison's feet SR-KS0020_Porshia's Fett
With Panic Snap

SR-KS020 with rated snap shackle
With Regular Rated Snap Shackle

KS022 with D-ring 1 1/2" KS022 with D-ring 1"
KS022 version Closeup with D-Ring, 1 1/4" and 1" heavy Ring

  SR-KS0020_Bed_A SR-KS0020_Bed_B
You don't HAVE to suspend someone with the cuffs.

We just think it is more fun this way :)

SR-KS0020_Allison SR-KS0020_Veronica over Max SR-KS0020_Porshia SR-KS0020 and KS0010_Porshia
With Panic Snap
SR-KS0020_Jody SR-KS0020_Max over Veronica With Rated Shackle.

The Model order is Allison, Veronica over Max, Porshia (x2), Jody, and then Max Mikita over Veronica.


$140 SR-KS020 Set with backing and no pattern  or concho:

Front Leather Color
Backing Suede Color
Ankle Size (Left/Right)
See measurments above

$140 SR-KS022 Set with small d-ring replacing snap:

Front Leather Color
Backing Suede Color
Ankle Size (Left/Right)
See measurments above

$260 SR-KS025 Set with Small rated shackles:

Front Leather Color
Backing Suede Color
Ankle Size (Left/Right)
See measurments above

$300 SR-KS026 Set with Heavy rated shackles:

Front Leather Color
Backing Suede Color
Ankle Size (Left/Right)
See measurments above

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