Submissive Reaction is our line of Collars and cuffs created by Longwatcher

 Wichard Web Snap Shackles

Wichard brand Web Snap Shackles

Rated Web Snap Shackle = 1  3/16"
Functional Load = 2645; Break Load = 4410lbs*

Rated Web Snap Shackle = 1  9/16"
Functional Load = 3525; Break Load = 8490lbs*

Longwatcher bought these for those folks wanting a rated quick release snap with the Easy Wear cuffs.

Because of the need to buy enough to get the price low enough to bring the price within reason he had to buy more then a year's supply, so we are selling them here if you happen to want them for your own use.

They are designed for use in Marine Environments (AKA Saltwater), which is why they cost a bit more then you might find elsewhere. We have tried to balance the price between cost and ease in getting.

They were made for use with Nylon webbing, We use them for our Easy Wear Cuffs with the need to get a leather strap through them.



The 2374 is $65 each or $120 for a pair.

The 2376 is $75 each or $140 for a pair.


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  * According to the Manufacturer's Web site. snap shackle

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