Leather Types

Pleasure Paradox uses the finest leather we can get our hands on.  Since labor is the primary driver on our costs, we tend to acquire the highest grade leather we can find.  Even with the lighter weights and patterned cuts, we expect you will get a long period of use from the cuffs and collars for all consensual activities.  We strive to ensure that the leather will survive the activities we expect our customers  will engage in.

Typically for a single layer cuff or collar we use 7-11 ounce weight leather depending on what is available for that type of leather.  As the weight of the leather increases above 8 oz our available choices tend to dwindle to black, brown, and Tan. The Tan can be dyed to some colors, but we will be limited in the colors we can match.

For two layer pieces such as Submissive Reaction patterned collars the individual layers tend to be 5-7 oz leather, since the patterns tend to lose detail in heavier weight leather. 

Metallic colored leathers are an exception as the highest weight we have been able to get routinely is a 5-6 oz leather and more typically is available only in 4-5* oz. In addition, Metallic leathers tend to be a lower quality from a structural stand point as they start with lower grades of leather before adding the metallic coloring. 

If you specifically wish us to use a heavier weight leather or have someone who tends to destroy cuffs, please let us know and we can customize your order to factor for this within the limits of available leather and other parts.

*As of Mar 2002: With the exception of the metallic turquoise all of the on-hand metallic leather we have I would consider to be the equivalent of 5-6 oz weight. The Turquoise is closer to a 3-4, but should be quite acceptable for most pieces if supported in front or back by a stronger leather. 


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