Submissive Reaction is our line of Collars and cuffs created by Longwatcher

Cuffs shown are white leather over red suede with a halter loop attachment point and Hasp Lock.

Price for set of Cuffs shown is $90

Pair of Heart Patterned Cuffs - Wide 

This pair of Submissive Reaction cuffs are fully functional yet give that valentine's day look. 

Alternatives include:

A.) A D-ring in place of the Halter loop. This is not recommended as it will look too small. 

B.) The pattern can be either along the cuff (as shown at left) or across the cuff.

C.) Single 1" or Dual 1/2" buckle locks can be used. 



$80 Single piece with no back

$90 Two piece (top and backing

Add $10 if top piece is suede

Add $10 if backing is metallic

Add $5 per additional halter loop 

  Note: The Narrow version of this cuff is TPP-SR-K0011
 Other Images of this collar pattern

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