Submissive Reaction is our line of Collars and cuffs created by Longwatcher

Collar shown is Black Diamond Tan Leather  over Red Suede
with bottom down D-ring and Locking Roller Buckle.

Price for Custom made Collar as shown: $50


3-Point Flame Pattern Collar 

The Submissive Reaction collar shown (SR-C0051), is with a Bottom-front D-ring attachment point. 


Alternatives include:

 With A Center-front attachment point.

- Larger collars can have 4 flames instead of only two

SR-C0053: Two, three, or four attachment points.  Note that unless they are placed in the bottom down position as shown, each attachment point will remove a flame position from the pattern. Even in the down position the flames will be spread out more.

SR-C0054: Halter loop and ring holder attachment points can be used, however, these are not recommended. 

SR-C0056: The D-Post is a viable alternative to the standard d-ring attachment point, but will change the appearance from that shown above.

SR-C0050 is without an attachment point. 

 All buckles types are available for this collar. 


$40  Unbacked Collar

$50  Backed Collar

Add $5 if top piece is suede
Add $5 if backing is metallic. 
Add $2 per Halter loop after first.
Add $1 per D-Ring attachment point
Add $5 per pair of Flames added

 Other Images of this collar Pattern





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