Submissive Reaction is our line of Collars and cuffs created by Longwatcher
No Images of Collar available at this time, See below for image of Cuffs with this pattern.   TPP-SR-C0070
Stars Pattern Collar 

This Submissive Reaction collar can be made as shown, or with out a bottom-front D-ring attachment point. 

Alternatives include:

A.) A center front attachment point. Note that the stars will be move outwards slightly

B.) Two, three, or four attachment points.  Note that unless they are placed in the bottom down position as shown, each attachment point will remove a star from the pattern. Even in the down position the star will be spread out more.

C. The D-Post is a viable alternative to the standard d-ring attachment point, but will change the appearance from that shown above. For multiple attachments the D-post is recommended to replace a star position.


$40 Single piece with no back

$50 Two piece (top and backing

Add $5 if top piece is suede
Add $5 if backing is metallic. 
Add $2 per Halter loop or Ring Holder

  D. Halter loop and ring holder attachment points can be used, however, these are not recommended. 

E. All buckles are available for this collar. 

 Other Images of this collar Pattern

The above image is of a pair of thin cuffs in the star pattern


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