Leather Ring Halter Top

 Apparel shown is black leather with stainless steel rings, chains and standard buckle .


Leather Ring and Collared Halter Top 

This Bound 2 Please Halter top can be worn with or without a regular bra behind it. Although we feel it looks best without, some places still have pesky "public decency" laws.

Alternatives include:

A.) Snaps or a locking buckle could be substituted for the standard buckle.

B.) Can come with or without the large center ring.

C.) Can be made in almost any available leather.


B2-A0020 At least $120 (call for current price)

  In order for any apparel pieces to fit correctly we recommend providing as many measurements as possible at time of order. Specifically, neck, waist, chest, and torso.
 Other Images of this collar pattern



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