Shipping and Handling: (only applies to orders in the US)
Orders totaling $120 or more receive FREE Shipping & Handling. 

If the order is under $120, but S&H would cause it to exceed $120, then the S&H charge is set to make it equal $120. (i.e. If the order is $116.00, and S&H was be $12, then S&H would be $4.00, making the total order $120)

Shipping and Handling for all cuffs and collars is $6.00 for the first item, and $1.00 for each additional item.  A pair of cuffs (except "Easy Wear") count as a single item.

Shipping and Handling for all Implements is $6.00 for the first item, and $1.00 for each additional item.

Shipping and Handling for all Spreader Bars is $10.00 for the first item, $2.00 for each additional item.

Total Shipping is calculated by taking the highest "first item" cost, and then using the "additional item" cost for each item. (i.e. if you order a Spreader Bar and a collar, the S&H would be $8.00 + $1.00 = $9.00

Items not listed above will require a special shipping rate, which will be quoted to you at the time of order. 

Also we reserve the right to charge less then above.

For orders shipping outside the US, we will need to evaluate the costs to ship before confirming the order. And we will need to hold the order until payment has been confirmed by the bank.

Special Orders

Because of the nature of the pieces produced, we strive to ensure the highest quality while trying to keep the cost in the generally affordable range. We therefore have three basic levels of pricing. "As Is" and "Ready" pieces, Custom pieces and Master-craftsman level pieces.

As Is pieces are those pieces that we previously produced which have some visual or manufacturing defect which does not affect functionality or items which can not be re-sold for safety reasons (such as Ball gags)

Ready pieces are those pieces that we used to try out a new technique or produced for example purposes, yet we feel are high enough quality to sell. It also includes pieces that we have batched produced.

Custom pieces are our standard and although we have some default patterns and features, we custom produce based on dimensions and colors chosen by the customer. 
Master level pieces are purely custom order only and our craftsmen will need to be contacted directly by the customer for pricing and ability to manufacture the desired piece. The prices you will be given for these pieces reflect that we will have several rejects in the production of the master-level piece and the extra time and attention to detail required to produce these pieces. You can expect a ten-fold increase in the price as a result of the extra level of effort.


Sales Tax, if applicable, is already included in our pricing scheme for Virginia Customers. We call it a Virginia resident discount.


Payment Policy:

We accept payment by Check, Money Order, Paypal, or Credit Card through Paypal. There will be a 7 day waiting period for checks to clear. 

The Standard deposit for custom work is 50%. This deposit is non-refundable after we have ordered the materials for your item, or 7 days of receipt, whichever comes later.

The exception to this is if we are unable to complete the order. At which point you are entitled to a full refund for any product not received.


Return Policy:

"As Is" items, which are functionally defective through the fault of Pleasure Paradox, can be returned for repair only provided Pleasure Paradox is contacted within 30 days of receipt

"Ready" Items which, through the fault of Pleasure Paradox efforts, are defective, can be returned for repair or replacement provided Pleasure Paradox is contacted within 30 days of receipt.
Custom items are warranted for repair or replacement within 1 year of original purchase.
All mail-ordered items can be returned for full refund, minus Shipping and Handling within 7 days of receipt.
Note that Pleasure Paradox will not refund money, nor provide repair or replacement if an item is used for  non-consensual activities. This includes consensual activities, simulating a non-consensual activity. Leather items are also not covered if used for suspension activities as they are natural products.


Liability:(Also known as "the Legal Stuff")

Pleasure Paradox can not be held liable for injury or damage to persons or property through the use of any item sold by Pleasure Paradox. It is up to the purchaser to know and understand how to use the items they purchase. If you have any questions regarding the use of any item we carry, please inquire. We will gladly explain its intended use. 
Unless otherwise specified, no items sold by Pleasure Paradox are designed to support the full weight of a human. We also do not recommend using our products to restrain someone while conducting tickling or other extremely violent activities and we reserve the right to not repair or replace pieces damaged in these activities.
Any items specifically designed for suspension are designed to support a person not exceeding 250 pounds in weight, unless custom made to support more. However for leather items we do not warranty them for suspension.
Pleasure Paradox can not be held liable for injuries resulting from leather or wood breakage as there is no scientific method of testing leather or wood for reliability. We strive to ensure our best guess as to it's strength, however, we are only human.
As weird as it may be, some states/counties/cities make it illegal to own any BDSM paraphernalia, implements of punishment, and/or weapons. It is up to the purchaser to know and understand the legality of ownership and use of any item sold by Pleasure Paradox. We Are Not Lawyers, so we don't know.

The total liability of Pleasure Paradox will be limited to replacement or refund of purchase price.


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