About Pleasure Paradox:
    The Pleasure Paradox is a cooperative of several individuals who have skill in producing selected products for a theatrical, adult entertainment and fashion market. We have come together because no one of us could justify setting up a business based on the limited product line we would have individually. 
    The basis of our work is on individual pieces made to the specifications of our customers. Although we do offer some ready pieces at events, we prefer to individually tailor our products to our customers' needs to the extent possible. 
    It is the policy of Pleasure Paradox to set prices at what we believe is a fair value for the amount of work performed and not charge solely based on what the market will bear.
Longwatcher now has Solar Power.
His roof is providing the equivalent of 100% of his electrical needs, so all of the Submissive Reaction line of Products (those with an SR code) are now made using a grid neutral  system. And no he didn't buy it with money he made from Pleasure Paradox, he has a day job like all Pleasure Paradox Crafters. note, Longwatcher himself can not claim his house is solar powered because he sales that right to pay off the panels faster, however, enough SRECs are retired before sale to legitimately claim that Pleasure Paradox products are solar powered.
Longwatcher Solar Panels Longwatcher Inverters
His Roof, The Inverters, and The Dominion Meter that now runs both ways.

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