Submissive Reaction is our line of Collars and cuffs created by Longwatcher

 SR-C0230 Draped Chain Collar

Choker as shown is black latigo with a Locking Roller Buckle and a Swarovski Berry Concho. It is 1" in width at the buckle and unlined.

Price for collar shown is $60

Price for this collar if lined $70

Draped Chain Choker 

Longwatcher created this choker because he figured what with the chain and Swarovski Crystals he might as well do something else with them. The only catch is it does not lend itself to a front attachment point, but at least it looks nice.


Custom Alternatives include:

A.) Other Colors are available, but check first.

B.) Several Colors for the Swarovski Conchos are available. Please note: we can actually make the berry conchos (the center piece) out of a lot more colors and combinations then shown. We were taught how to make them ourselves and as long as we can get the Swarovski crystals...

C.) All buckles are available for this collar.

Chain Types Available (the Small single link are the recommended chains for this collar)

Chain1Chain 2Top to Bottom:
1=Double Link
2=Small Single Link Silver
3=Small Single Link Gold
4=Medium single Link Silver
5=Flat Edged Silver
6=Flat Edged Gold
7= Flat Edge Aluminum (only small amount on hand, unable to order more)

Custom Pricing: 

Using a different concho may change price.


   Other Images of the Collar

  SR-C0230_Front_Synth SR-C0230_Left_Synth SR-C0230_Right_Synth SR-C0230_Right_Ginger SR-C0230_Allison SR-C0230_Allison SR-C0230_Allison - Buckle


Swarovski Berry Conchos

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