Submissive Reaction is our line of Collars and cuffs created by Longwatcher


Collar as shown is Burgundy Latigo Leather  over Rust Suede  with a Locking Roller Buckle,  and bottom mounted D-ring.  It is 1 1/4" in width.

SR-C0210 is the order number for above

Price for collar shown is $65

Concho and Chain Bridal Collar 

A customer asked if Longwatcher could replace a collar they had purchased in another country (Australia to be specific), Although he didn't have the exact parts needed, he did his best, the customer was happy (or told Longwatcher he was) and Longwatcher liked the design enough he went searching for better conchos and came across the Swarovski crystal berry conchos, along with looking through his wholesale catalogs for related hardware, he came up with this design, which is neither quite like the original nor like the one he did for the customer.

We think you might like it though. 


Custom Alternatives include:

A.) The number of attachment points can be changed.

B.) The type and number of conchos can be changed

Please note: For the Swarovski conchos, we can actually make the conchos (the center piece) out of a lot more colors and combinations then shown. We were taught how to make them ourselves and as long as we can get the Swarovski crystals...

C.) All buckles are available for this collar.

Chain Types Available

Chain1Chain 2Top to Bottom:
1=Double Link
2=Small Single Link Silver
3=Small Single Link Gold
4=Medium single Link Silver
5=Flat Edged Silver
6=Flat Edged Gold
7= Flat Edge Aluminum (we are now out of the Aluminum)

Custom Pricing: 

Conchos used will determine final price. 

$1 per additional attachment point, per piece. Each piece comes with one attachment point.
(a maximum of 3 points are recommended)

$10 for each additional chain section


SR-C0215_Buckle SR-C0215_Front_Chay SR-C0215_Front_Ginger SR-C0215_Left_Ginger
 SR-C0215 Angel Roundel Concho and Celtic Conchos no Chain

SR-C0211_Front_Chay SR-C0211_Right_Chay SR-C0211_Front_Synth SR_C0211_Left_Synth
SR-C0211 Celtic Cross and Celtic Conchos with Double Link Chains

SR-S0210_Chain and Consho Set_Allison SR-S0210_Chain and Concho Set_Allison_Full Body SR-S0210 Allison in a Collar and Cuff Set.

   Other Images of this Collar Pattern

  SR-C0210_front view SR-C0210_right view SR-C0210_buckle view SR-C0210_buckle wlock view
SR-C0210 Topaz Swarovski Concho and Celtic Conchos on Burgundy Leather with medium single link - Gold Chain and Brass attachments

SR-C0210_Left_Ginger SR_C0210_Front_Ginger SR-C0210_Right_Ginger
SR-C0210 Topaz Swarovski Concho and Celtic Conchos on Burgundy Leather with medium single link - Gold Chain and Brass attachments

 SR-C0210_Red_Synth SR-C0210_Front_Red_Synth
SR-C0210 Red Swarovski Concho and Celtic Conchos with flat edged -Aluminum Chains

SR-C0210_Left_Ginger SR-C0210_Front_Black_Ginger SR-C0210_Black_Right_Ginger
SR-C0210 Black Swarovski Concho and Celtic Conchos and medium single link - Silver Chains


NOTE: We have more colors available now including Capri Blue, Ruby, Emerald and make them ourselves

Swarovski Berry Conchos

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