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Shown above is the 2013 limited edition Translucent Purple. Still some left as of Aug 2015.

Ball Gag Picture_Colors

Measurements for Straps for ball gags:

The straps are made to order, the default size fits most people, but will have 7 or 9 holes depending on buckle. Custom straps will usually have 3 holes.

To measure we recommend using a piece of thick string or yarn and measuring around the head where the strap would go with the mouth open and then laying the string down onto a ruler to determine the needed strap length.

Measurements for balls for ball gags:

(with the caveat this is only a recommendation):

Ball diameter should not exceed open mouth Height measurement by more then 1/8th of an inch. Best is the diameter is at or below open mouth height. (measure bottom of top teeth to top of bottom teeth wide open)

Reduce size if the gagee might have any jaw problems.
Medical Grade Silicone BALL GAGS with a Tapered Leather Strap

We now have 1 1/4" black Locking Buckles, so black locking buckles are now be the default selection for Straps.

They are softer then they look.
Our customers have reported being able to keep them in the mouth for longer then many other balls used. I know the models I have worked with have surprised me how long they could keep the ball in their mouth - the sessions were usually over before they asked to have it come out.

These ball gags use FDA approved medical grade silicone* and the balls are purpose made for human use.

NOTE: while the ball will come off and back on the tapered strap for separate cleaning, it is much harder than the standard or PVC strap to get the ball off the strap. More info on getting it on and off at the bottom of this page.

The balls are available in 7 different sizes and currently 6 different colors. More colors will be added in the future.

- By default the strap will be high-quality black leather with a locking roller buckle and approximately 22" (560mm) in length (it will measure as a strap size of ~16" to ~20"). The taper of the strap will be 3/8" at the mouth to 1 1/4" at the buckle.

Cut Patterns and Conchos. A Cut Pattern or Concho can be added to the tapered strap for an additional Fee. Please email us at for more information. The default is NO cut pattern or concho.

We recommend that Gags should be one person items only and thus we sell them "As Is".

Any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness is for use as a ball with a buckled strap as a ball gag in the mouth between consenting adult humans for duration not to exceed 1 hour, with open nasal passages (no illness or other medical issues) in the presence of another attentive human and the ball purchased fits comfortably in the mouth with no jaw complaints. The leather (or other material) strap should be checked before each use to make sure it is free of tears and is cabable of pulling the ball from the mouth if needed.


TPP-SR-BG0001S#    One 1 1/2"  (Small) Ball Gag with Tapered Black Leather Strap.

$40 TPP-SR-BG0001R#    One 1 3/4"  (Medium-small) Ball Gag with Tapered Black Leather Strap.

TPP-SR-BG0001N#   One 1 7/8"  (Medium) Ball Gag with Tapered Black Leather Strap.

TPP-SR-BG0001M#    One 2"  (Medium-large) Ball Gag with Tapered Black Leather Strap.

$41 TPP-SR-BG0001L#
    One 2 1/8"  (Large) Ball Gag with Tapered Black Leather Strap.

TPP-SR-BG0001X#    One 2 1/4"  (Extra Large) Ball Gag with Tapered Black Leather Strap.

TPP-SR-BG0001Y#    One 2 1/2"  (Super Large) Ball Gag with Tapered Black Leather Strap.

Shipping for USA is $6 and is by USPS small priority flat rate box, except for Large and Extra-Large size which are by standard priority mail and Super Large which will probably be going First Class. Virginia Residents pay 6% sales tax because I don't know how to speparate out parts of Virginia that don't have to pay the extra 1% state tax on Hampton Roads or NoVA.

NOTE: Shipping price is based on USA, send email for non-USA customers.

Alternate International shipping policy:  as an option to NON-USA (international shipping) customers,  If you select the "Buy Now" button, we will send you a request for payment for any additional fees needed for shipping to your country. Shipping is likely to be via USPS First Class Parcel, although if shipping is cheaper by a faster method we may use that. If ordering more than one item shipping will be requested or refunded based on the actual cost of shipping from the multiple items ordered. (at some point (hopefully soon) we will have a shopping cart system that works, but for now this should make ordering easier for our international customers). Please note shipping to most Non-USA locations for a single ball gag will be about $22.50 after 17 Jan 2016. The three smallest may make it under the line and be around $14.


Note: for the Super Large Ball gag use the buy now button on the main page.
Ball Size
Ball Color
Strap Taper
Strap Size

Input strap size needed above (see left side panel for how to measure),
The default fits size 16" to 20". If you want the default just leave blank.
NOTE: Shipping price is based on USA, send email for non-USA customers.
SR-BG0002MB_Flame_left SR-BG0002MB_flame_front SR-BG0002MB_Flame_right
BG0002MB_Flame Medium Blue Ball gag with Tapered Strap on Jody. (picture of old ball)
This is an example of a tapered strap in this case with a Flame cut pattern on the side. This one is 3/8th at the mouth and 1 1/4" at the buckle, with a Medium Blue ball.

(Almost any cut pattern from the collar page can be used (along with some conchos)

   Other Images:
 Tori Gray with Red ballTori gray with Red ball and tapered strapTori Gray Nikitta Caramel tapered strapNikitta Caramel Tapered strap
Tori Gray with red ball, Nikitta Caramel with blue ball.
    More Background:
The balls are made in the U.S.A. specifically for Longwatcher and thus Pleasure Paradox. We had looked for balls that met our standards when we lost outr original source in 2012, so we could continue to provide custom straps allowing for a set that is matching in every part. No source we fully trusted was available already, so we found a medical parts company in the USA willing to make them to our specifications.

The ball itself can be cleaned in boiling water or using rubbing or isopropyl alcohol. The alcohol is recommended for routine cleaning and is what the manufacturer uses. The leather strap however has to be treated as any leather product is, but since the strap can be removed it makes it easy to treat separately.

The ball itself can be medically sterilized in an autoclave, in an oven at up to 550 degrees F, soaked in bleach,  boiled in water or soaked in rubbing or isopropyl alcohol. The ball may yellow slightly over time and repeated heat treatments will speed this process up slightly, but to date (over decades of use) no chemical breakdown has been noted (meaning the balls should remain safe to use for decades. The balls use an FDA approved medical grade material in the manufacture and no chemicals are added that affect their medical grade qualities. Note though that the balls are not shipped sterile and are likely to  have been handled during packaging.

- K for black and M for Purple are used because CMYK is a photographer's term, which Longwatcher is and M=Magenta, which Purple is closest to Magenta and K is for Black or the black/white intensity value.

Getting the ball onto and off of a Tapered Strap:

Putting the ball on a Tapered Strap APutting the ball on a Tapered Strap BPutting the ball on a Tapered Strap CPutting the ball on a Tapered Strap DPutting the ball on a Tapered Strap EPutting the ball on a Tapered Strap FPutting the ball on a Tapered Strap G

Note: The strap can sometimes decide it wants to be difficult, at which point I recommend a pair of needle nose pliers with a tiny bit of cloth on the tips of the pliers. It also helps to push the ball from the side to loosen it up. When pulling off, gently pull the narrow part, when you get to the full width part you don't have to be as gentle.

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