Price for Set as shown: $185


16" - 24" Stainless Steel Spreader Bars 

This Elkorian Enterprises creation is the smaller version of our adjustable stainless steel spreader bars. Coming standard with stainless steel eyebolts, nuts and wingnuts to securely fix the bar at the desired length from subbies grasping fingers. 

The bars adjust from the smallest length of 16" up to a maximum of 24" in 2" increments. 

We have successfully tested these bars as capable of supporting up to 300# of static weight. While use of these bars in this fashion is "at your own risk" each set comes with a diagram that illustrates the safest way to use these items. 

Options include:

A) Optional Cuffs (shown) in addition to shackles. 

B) Quick release pins for quick adjustment of bar length.

C) Custom lengths available upon request. 


(Please note prices are not finalized yet for this item) Prices given are for the three new-prototypes I have.

$160 SREE-SB2016 Adjustable Bar w/ shackles.


$230 SREE-SB2116 Adjustable Bar w/ Cuffs

Outside Color
Inside (backing) Color
Buckle style

$260 SREE-SB2216 Adjustable Bar w/ Cuffs, quick release pins, and locks

$30 SREE-QR0001 Pair Quick Release Pins (these must be special ordered)

$20 SREE-SBA051 Set of two Bow Shackles

Shackle can be used to attach cuffs, or to anchor bar

3" Cuffs

Quick Release Pins


  Other Images of this Spreader Bar



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