Price for Set as shown: $100


Fixed Length Stainless Steel Spreader Bars 

These Elkorian Enterprise creation represent the ultimate in fixed length spreader bars (in our opinions, anyway). Made from surface polished Stainless Steel, each bar is a beautiful piece of craftsmanship. 

Whether you want something just long enough to grab onto between their wrists or ankles (6") or long enough spread them eagle (30") or a custom to suit your desires, our Spreader Bars will do the job. 

We have successfully tested these bars as capable of supporting up to 300# of static weight on the 36" length. Use of these bars for suspension is "at your own risk".

Options include:

A) Optional Cuffs (shown) attach with flat head screw to prevent hand removal and create a rigid restraint system.

B) Custom Lengths can be ordered for $20 extra charge. (Distance is from pivot to pivot)


Pricing:  (these prices are good until the end of 2017)

$55 SREE-SB1006  6" Fixed length bar w/ shackles

$65 SREE-SB1012  12" Fixed length bar w/ shackles

$75 SREE-SB1024  24" Fixed length bar w/ shackles

$85 SREE-SB1036  36" Fixed length bar w/ shackles

$100 SREE-SB1048  48" Fixed length bar w/ shackles



SREE-SB10xx  Custom Length bar. 
    Price calculated by rounding up to next highest length and adding $20. Replace "xx" with desired length, when ordering. Please email for details.


Shackle not included if ordering cuffs.
 Other Images of this Spreader Bar

Optional Cuff 
Cuffs start at $60 depending on stye, the simple cuffs with hasp lock shown above would add $60 for a set.

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