Safety Hook Knife 

This is a great knife to have on hand for safety purposes. Faster than EMT shears, the hook tip easily slides under ropes while protecting the skin from the sharp razor blade. 

Will quickly slice through rope up to 1/2" in diameter (yes, we tried it) and does a decent job on leather, if you need to (hopefully you won't) cut through a pair of cuffs.



$15 EE-KN0401 - Safety Hook Knife, qty 1 

$25 EE-KN0402 - Safety Hook Knife, qty 2

$55 EE-KN0405 - Safety Hook Knife, qty 5



This set comes with a nylon belt pouch with belt loop, and safety container with extra razor blades.

Safety container slips snuggly into separate pouch for storage. Snap holds knife firmly in place.

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