CRKT Kiss

This is Margo's favorite knife. A one-hand opener, there is a distinct click when it locks open. It causes marvelous shivers down the spine of a blind folded sub when it snicks open, because they know what is coming next.....

This knife gets its name from its elegent design. Keep It Simple is the motto behind this design, and it is. 

WARNING: This blade is -SHARP.- It is possible to shave with it, and it will draw blood quite easily unless you are very careful with it.

When folded, the single bevel blade lies flat along the handle, eliminating the danger of cuts when closed.


$35 EE-KN0301 - CRKT Kiss, qty 1

$65 EE-KN0302 - CRKT Kiss, qty 2

$120 EE-KN0304 - CRKT Kiss, qty 4


  Pleasure Paradox steam autoclaves all of its blades before sending them out. In this fashion, we assure ourselves that the blade is clean, and that it is actual stainless steel. Quite often a cheap blade (namely from Pakistan) contains a high level of impurities and will rust if it gets wet. You can be assured that our blades are clean and sterile when they arrive to you. We will only ship non-autoclaved blades upon special request.

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