Portable door hangers   TPP-B2-DH001
Portable Dungeon Door Hangers 

This Bound 2 Please creation (copied by many others) is perfect when traveling and can't take your dungeon with you. These handy door hangers are perfect for the traveling Dominant and Submissive. So easy to put up and take down that they are also perfect for people with nosey in-laws, kids, neighbors or cleaning staff.  Company coming? Take them down and slip them into a drawer.

Just hang them over the top of a door and close it. The door and frame hold them securely into place, giving you secure tie points for your activities. The D-Rings are large enough to comfortable grab, giving added support.

Slide a second set under the door and you have someplace for the ankles. Great for people who like to kick back....

Alternately, slip them between the box spring and bed frame and you have discreet, removable tie points that don't involve putting eye bolts into the headboard.


$30 B2-DH001 Set of two




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