B2-A0040_Triangle Chain Bra

Apparel shown is black leather with stainless steel rings and snaps .

Triangle Chain Bra 

A Bound 2 Please designed Apparel

Normally comes with snaps for the neck and back straps

Alternatives include:

A.) Standard or locking buckles could be substituted for the snaps.

B.) Can be made in almost any available leather.


$65 B2-A0040

  In order for any apparel pieces to fit correctly we recommend providing as many measurements as possible at time of order.
 Other Images of this collar pattern

 B2-A0040_Left_GingerB2-A0040_Front_Ginger B2-A0040_Right_Ginger



  B2-A0040_Ginger_Topless B2-A0010 and A0040_Topless
B2-A0040_Allison01 B2-A0040_Allison02

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