Price for Set as shown: $25.00 (does not come with locks)

All shoe locks are edged to minimize scratches to shoes, which is why we charge as much as we do.

Please Note: Standard size should fit spiked heeled shoes as shown below, size 7-10. Otherwise we need to know shoe size and type to make sure we get a set that fits. Alternately we can put more holes in to fit a larger range, but it won't look quite as snazzy. 

For best fitting, a measurement done like the shoe lock will fit works best:
If you don't have measuring tape, take a string and after measuring lay it on a ruler to determine size.
Basically take the string (or tape) under the shoe and cross over the foot and then to the back of the ankle, making sure it is snug.
And if you want to add a measurement for the cross piece then using that same loop, measure from the back of the foot/shoe to the middle of the front of the foot/shoe.
Providing those two measurements will make the shoe lock as close as possible to the size needed.

Just in case you want to put it on other shoes, we will by default add some additional holes in both directions to accommodate different shoes.

And Finally, we kept forgetting to put it on the web page until now, but locks do not come with the shoe locks. If you already happen to have small locks those will work fine, but we sell locks and specifically recommend the decorative black locks with any of the black shoe locks. a pair of them will run $8 with the order of shoe locks. (see special offer K5-SL0004L)


Shoe Lock Shoe Lock
Other Images w/decorative black lock

Shoe Locks

This K5 creation was inspired by the dearth of affordable bondage footwear available on the market today. It is easy to find the perfect pumps, heels, sneakers, what-have-you to go with an outfit. It is another thing completely to find them in a form that can be locked onto a person. 

This figure eight leather item can be slipped around the toe of a shoe, placed over the top of the foot and then locked behind the ankle with a small padlock (not included).

This is an excellent item for shoe training, as it prevents the removal of the shoe unless the lock is undone (believe us, our tester tried!).  Note that some open toe shoes and flat or very low heel shoes may not be held in place.

Now you no longer have to wonder if they really wore those 8" heels all day while they did their chores. 

Longwatcher is currently making these

Options include:

A) Custom Colors available (inquire for availability before selecting the buy now button) 


$25 SRK5-SL0001 Black Leather Shoe Locks (note, we are not making these right now as the leather available is not meeting our needs - it has too much give)

NOTE: Shipping is for USA customers only, for non-USA customers or multiple item orders please email before ordering

$35 SRK5-SL0004 Black Latigo Leather Shoe Locks (made from a heavier leather).

Shoe Size or Measurements

$40 SRK5-SL0004L Black Latigo Leather Shoe Locks with a pair of decorative black locks special offer.
Due to popular demand this special has been extended indefinately.
Shoe Size or Measurements

$35 SRK5-SL0002 White Leather Shoe Locks
$40 SRK5-SL1001 Black Patent Leather Shoe Locks

$45 SRK5-SL1002 Burgandy Patent Leather Shoe Locks

$40 SRK5-SL0003 Custom Color Leather Shoe Locks (please email for color availability)

Leather type
Shoe Size or Measurements
Color (if Custom color)

Lock Around Ankles
Lock Concealed under Heel (Latigo black Leather)

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