Price for Item as shown: $165

Leather Cuff and Collar set

It's hard to say where the inspiration for this design came from. Reminiscent of the slave manacles portrayed in just about any movie that touches on the subject, Kevin5 crafted a stylish example of what is an, apparently, timeless design.

The collar is 1" wide lined with suede. It has a locking turn post with an O-ring in the front.

The cuffs are matched 1-1/2" wide Ankle or Wrist cuffs also lined with suede. The cuffs have locking roller buckles, and large D-Rings, so if you want to attach the cuffs to anything else, there is plenty of room for clips or rope to pass through.

Longwatcher is the current crafter for these.

Options Include

A) Custom Chain length

B) Customer Specified Lining Color

C) Don't like black? Inquire for color availability.


$165 K5-S0001 Leather Cuff and Collar Set

  Note: The chain for this set has to be ordered at time of order so it will take a bit longer to make then most items.

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