B2-F001 Flogger

Price for Flogger shown is $40, it is standard black leather

Simple Flogger 

This Bound 2 Please flogger can be made from any leather in stock.

Alternatives include:

A. The length can be customized, however at this time Bound to please can only offer select handle sizes.

B. Leather types for the fall (the straps) are usually either suede or a standard black leather


Please note: Although these are carried in stock by B2P, if he is out, it could take 6-8 weeks for him to be able to get to it. We will try to let you know if this item is going to take awhile to get made.

They will be dropped shipped to you from B2P's home office.


$35 B2-F0001 - 12"

$40 B2-F0001 - 18"

$45 B2-F0001 - 21"

   Images of this flogger
B2P-F0001 B2P-F0001 B2P-F0001



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